• Vocal Techniques Creating Natural Full Voice

    "I was taught by one of the world's finest, Claudia Pinza. I continue her work with the Bel Canto Technique.

    Perfect Pitch
  • Float Your Note

    "Not merely the technical aspects: breathing, muscles, throat, jaw, tongue, palate, resonance, placement, etc.; but also how they work together to create what is beautiful, musical, and under control. She sees what you need and communicates all of it with such clarity and encouragement that you know exactly how to improve and can’t wait to do more.” David Gilman, vocalist, concert clarinetist, arranger.

    Comfortable Safe Full Voice
  • Vocalise

    "I have been a singer and guitar player for over thirty years. A few years ago a friend recommended that I see Georganne as a voice teacher and coach. I found Georganne to be an extremely knowledgeable teacher. She has helped me in every aspect of my music and expression. Beyond Georganne’s exceptional technical knowledge, her patience and abilities as a teacher are extraordinary. I feel very fortunate to have Georganne in my life. I confidently recommend her. She will make a difference in your life." Paul Villa.

    Vocal Technician

Perfect Expression of any Emotion."

Music making is the most joyful activity possible

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